We had such a great Saturday yesterday. First, we got to San Mateo with JBQ, walked in some shops, and we bought paiting tools. Jbq bought some acrylic colors and canvas, while I got some watercolor pencils and tubes. Then, we went to an Indian bouffet restaurant and we had some really good time there, the food was really good and the prices affordable. Coming back home found us painting all afternoon. I had never used watercolor before in my life, but it gone pretty well. After we clean up our office today and put the Mac in its own desk, I may find some time to scan one or two of our paintings and upload them. I have some experience with sketching (I am actually pretty good at it, I learned by myself when I was a kid), but because arts is something that it is not taught in the Greek schools, I have never played with colors, watercolors or acrylic/oil paints. But I am learning fast. 🙂

Last night we watched “Pay it Forward” with Kevin Spacey. Pretty good movie. Not without its flaws, but a pretty good movie. Jbq wanted to cook again, so he cooked from a recipe he found in his recipe book. My Jbq is an excellent cook.

Today we played tennis for half an hour, while I earlier realized that OSNews has reached the 1000 news stories. Heh… Time goes by fast.

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