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The G4 Cube is HERE !!

The G4 Cube and all its accessories and peripherals, is here!! 🙂

I am currently using JBQ’s monitor, but David from OSNews ordered for me a new flat Envision EN-980e 19″ monitor to go with it. I will be using it at 1280x1024x32bit at 85Hz. The new monitor is expected to be here next month, as there was quite some backorders.. Thank you again David!!

So, the Cube is actually 450 Mhz, it has 448 MB of SDRAM, 20 GB of hdd, an ATi Rage Pro 128 (16 MB AGP) and a DVD-Rom. It is extremely fast and smooth, when compared to the G3 iMacs and the G3 iBook I have seen, even when these G3s were running in higher clock speeds.

The fact that this is a G4, plus that there is plenty of RAM, it makes it a very responsive OS overall (MacOSX is a Unix, and Unix loves lots of RAM – as my JBQ always say :).

More, later! I got to tinker with it!! 😀