It was an interesting day yesterday. After we had some lunch, Jbq had a big nap, then we got to Fry’s, where we saw and had a quick chat with Marco Nelissen (the BeOS’ SoundPlay author, currently working at Palm) and we also noted that Jon “HPLUS” Watte (the guy who wrote the Media Kit for BeOS, now works elsewhere (over there ;)) was around too. We bought a bunch of DVDs at Fry’s. After that, we went to have dinner at Pizza Chicago, and then we came back home discussing with Jbq how much it would cost us to get a dual SMT Xeon 2Ghz machine (which counts for 4 CPUs). Hehe…

After all these calculations, we settled on our couch and watched “Total Recall” with Arnie. Jbq had never seen that movie, while it was the 3rd or 4rth time for me. All my previous sights were in the Greek TV, years ago. Funny, I understood better the movie by listening to it in English. The Greek translation in TV back then, was _that bad_. 😮

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