Archive for April 14th, 2002

GeB’s party, astigmatism..

So, yesterday we went to the optometrist. He found of course that I am somewhat short sighted, but not that much. I was a bit surprised by that, I thought that I _was more_ short sighted than he said. Later tests revealed that my problem is that I have astigmatism, which is what creates my short signtness. In fact, my problem is mostly that I see far away things a bit blurry. If you have seen the Freetype library under Linux on full anti-alias, then you will know what I mean. 😀

However, the doctor said that I could go on without glasses, I can even drive without glasses. My problem is not too important or critical. However, I decided to get glasses (for the first time 🙂 mostly for when I am in front of the TV (once a week 🙂 or the computer monitor.

Today we went to San Fransisco. Georges-Edouard Berenger or “GeB” (author of Process Controller and maintainer of stampTV for BeOS) and his family had a house warming party, so we went there for 2 hours. We also met there Raphael, another very old timer BeOS developer (he’s got a very early BeDev ID 🙂 We haven’t seen Raphael for quite some time till today.

After that we drove around the city, and then we came back home. Jbq decided he wanted to cook tonight. 🙂