Archive for April 12th, 2002


Youhou! We are (at last) going to the doctor for an eyetest tomorrow. For the last 2 years (but especially the last few months), I feel that I am losing some of my eyesight. I will need glasses this time, however I can still go on perfectly without them. I will probably mostly use them when in front of my computer or in front of the TV (I only watch ST:Enterprise on TV anyway – not much of a TV person myself :).

I remember 10 years ago that I could see so crispy clear and far away that my brother (had glasses since his 14s) was so envious of me, but that is not the case anymore. I am getting old, I guess… 😀

Time is 19:30 over here, I am waiting JBQ to come back from work, we will be going to Black Angus restaurant tonight. I am sure we will have good time, I always enjoy discussing stuff with my husband over dinner on a romantic restaurant. My JBQ is such a sweet person. 🙂