Archive for April 5th, 2002

Gentoo Linux

I installed Gentoo Linux 1.0 today. It took hours to compile everything from source (I “only” encountered two bugs 🙂 but when it is there, working well, you really get this nice feeling of… accomplishment. Gentoo is definately the fastest-booting Linux I have ever encountered, but when compared to BSD, it is not as fast as FreeBSD (FreeBSD is way faster on shutting down btw – takes 1-2 secs). As for Gentoo’s actual “user” experience & X/KDE runtime speed, I am compiling X and KDE atm, I will let you know soon when it is done (it should take about 12 hours on my dual Celeron 533).

Also, I had to recompile the kernel twice, because ACPI did not work at all with my Abit BP6 motherboard (it was stopping the second CPU from working and almost immediately was getting a kernel panic), so I had to take that support out of the kernel completely.

BTW, Portage and XFS rules! 🙂