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A night Out and a server crash

We had a nice night out with Jbq yesterday. We met up with some interesting people for dinner, among them were Brad Wardell, the Stardock CEO (of the WindowBlinds fame), and Andrew Orlowski, journalist at We had some nice geek talks and some nice laughs at some industry things too… ;D

This morning our stupid FreeBSD 4.5-RELEASE gateway server went berzerk and it hanged (so much for the “freebsd is rock solid” and its legendary uptimes). I could not even telnet to the box. I hard reset the machine, but still no connection after rebooting. Jbq came from work and he found that (probably) when I moved the server box to plug a keyboard and a monitor to it, the hub lost its connection to the ethernet cable. So, while after the rebooting it was not FreeBSD’s fault for not connecting properly, the first crash (before rebooting) was really FreeBSD’s fault.

Jbq is such a sweet baby. He bought for me a brand new IBM-120GXP 80 GB hard drive. All 80 GB will go for Windows XP Pro that I will be installing this weekend. My other two hard drives (10 GB Fujitu and 30 GB IBM 75GXP) will be serving alternative OSes.
Jbq will also give me his old CD-R, which is SCSI, so I will have to install a PCI SCSI card too.