Archive for March 16th, 2002

FreeBSD headaches and night out

Today Jean-Baptiste tried to configure FreeBSD 4.5 as our firewall and gateway to our home network. None of us has done anything similar in the past, and the FreeBSD handbook was not exactly helpful for a step by step tutorial. Jbq even quit the effort at some point, pretty pissed of the whole unix admin difficulties, but he managed to make it work after the second FreeBSD re-installation and after we switched our hub to another one… We now have a basic firewall, NATd running and I got my own PC connected after September 11th, which was the last time I used my own PC (all these months both Jbq and myself were using a single PC).

Tonight we went out with some ex-Be, Beatware and VA Linux people. We went for a pizza and we had some good time…