Archive for March 13th, 2002

Beautiful Day Today

Outside is gorgeous. I will take a walk in the shore later today. The sea is… 25 metres away from our apartment, I have no excuse not to do some walking today. There are lots of ducks there…
Diet goes ok, I suppose. I mean, I feel that I do a more balanced diet now, as opposing of losing weight right here, right now. I hope it continues well.
I am thinking of going to Greece for 2-3 weeks in May. I need to search for plane tickets.

Cable Modem

Yeah baby! 🙂
We now have a cable modem from AT&T and it is oh, so fast! Especially in the morning where I don’t share it with almost anyone in this residential area, I got up to 250 KB/sec! Too bad they do not allow hosting a web server though…
In other news, my diet goes well. I feel a bit weak, but it is not too bad.
Today, I downloaded VirtualPC from Connectix and spent hours with it installing BeOS and OpenSTEP. None of the two worked. Darn it…