Archive for March 10th, 2002

Last few days…

Sorry, I did not have time to write on the Journal the last few days.
Not many things happened anyway. Well, JBQ received his 1 GB DDR memory today, and he is happy to put it on his new AthlonXP+ machine he bought for his work. He will be having a dual head Matrox G450 card and two monitors to do development. 🙂
Most of these days I listen to 105.3 FM “Alternative Rock” radio station. Great music. I really like it.
I have to write some book reviews for OSNews, a Linux distro review and also I want to write an editorial for Sun’s lawsuit against Microsoft. I hope I will have the time today to write at least one article, as I need to take care of the clothes and put them in the closet in an order.
Tomorrow, the cable guy is coming to put cable modem in our apartment. I hope the installation will go fine. I am a bit nervous about it. Too many months on this yucky AOL, 56k modem.
Over the weekend, we watched “Bug’s Life” and “American Beauty” on DVD. It is funny, Kevin Spacey dies in so many of the movies he plays in… 😀
“American Beauty” is really a ‘touchy’ movie. At the beginning of the movie I thought that Spacey was playing this horrible/boring/sex-hungry man, but as the movie went by, and especially after he does not take advantage of the 16-year old girl, roles are changing. Spacey is suddenly the “good guy”, and all the rest characters are truly the freaks! That was one of the points of the movie anyway. How we perceive people, and how people are nothing what they seem at first glance. Great movie, highly recommended.
Today, I started a “real” diet. And yes, this time, the diet IS HERE TO STAY. Huh! 😀