Archive for March 4th, 2002

Bad Mood

This week is definately not my lucky one.
So, yesterday I had to put up with a bunch of idiots, accusing me unfairly. When I am in such situations, I get into defensive mode, and I can’t help it, but being TERRIBLY offensive. It is the way I am though. I am a raging bull when I get pissed. Me and my mediterranean temper… However, my collegues at OSNews are on my side, and at the end of the day, these people matter more to me, than some trolls…

In other news, when JB came home last night, he put a long phone cable from our bedroom to the office’s modem. Supposedly, the bedroom (and ex-office room) phone jack is healthy, we never had problems. However, now it STILL disconnects randomly!! I do NOT get it. It seems that the modem baffled out on its way to other room on Sunday. I don’t know what to think anymore. I just hope we get cable soon.

Argh, I got a terrible headache now.