Archive for March 2nd, 2002

Moving (again)

So, as I was saying yesterday regarding the noise levels on our bedroom…
We decided to move from one room to the other. We made the bedroom our office and what was our office, is now our bedroom. I hope now we won’t be hearing them having showers and things… 😛
So, we did not made it to “Good Guys” yesterday (I hope we can make it today), but we went to Fry’s and bought a big PC case where JB will put his new AthlonXP 1800+ in it. That computer is for his work though, not home. He needed something that can compile f-a-s-t than the slow notebooks (PIII 900 Mhz, slow hdd) his company is giving to their employees.
After that, we went to Menlo Park’s Naomi japanese restaurant and we had some Sushi. Was good, but I found a fly in my salad. I am NOT joking!!!
Oh, I forgot to mention that before we got to Fry’s, we stopped by JB’s office at work. I have never been at his workplace before. It was quite, no one was in the building… Nice and modern building, I have to say. However, I got the impression that JB’s office needed a bit of a “touch”. It was just his hardware, desk and almost nothing else in it. I am surprised he did not make it a bit more “warm”-looking yet… Well, to be honest, I am not surprised, but I am not going to discuss this here. 😉
Right now I am roasting some pork and oven potatoes. JB worked hard this morning to assemble the desk in our “new” office and stuff. My little baby is hungry now… 🙂