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Nothing much… Nothing worth writting is happening.

Except the fact that I love my husband so much and I am realizing every living moment that I am a so lucky woman for having such an incredible man beside me.

I just hope that all people in this planet will be able to recognize their one true love among the crowd, and find them in time, and be happy forever after. 🙂

Interview for BeOS Journal

Another day, another interview. 😉

This time Chris “Technix” Simmons interviews me for BeOSJournal.

This is my second day on Windows XP. All I can say is: FAST, STABLE and a JOY to use it.

I do not think that anything competes with it for a day to day desktop usage on a computer. It just rocks, even on my old now, dual Celeron 533 with 256 MB of RAM.

The CD-R trouble…

Yesterday was Windows XP’s day. Jbq went on and installed it on his dual 450 PIII and it worked just fine.
Then, it was my turn… riiight…
So, my Jbq bought for me a nice fast IBM 80 GB IDE disk. He also wanted to give me his SCSI CD-R. Because my case was one power cable short (I got 3 more IDE devices there, plus Voodoo5 which needs power), Jbq had to get the motherboard out of my case and install it on another, bigger case. And then, we booted it… And the BIOS could not see any drives (ABIT BP6 mombo, manufactured in 1999). And then, we tried a bit harder to detect the drives… And now the BIOS could see the 80 GB drive as a 30 GB. Excellent… NOT. So, we went to ABIT’s site, downloaded and upgraded the BIOS. Now the drive is identified correctly. Installed XP. Worked fine. Jbq goes to bed, time is already 1 AM. I stay awake to configure XP to my liking. Right click on the CD-R to check out my first CD recordable device ever. Explorer goes down, and takes Windows with it. I reboot. This time rebooting takes forever, as it seem to time out on something. Retry the CD-R. Same crash again.
Time is already 2:30 AM and I go to sleep, pretty pissed about the CD-R situation. Waking up this morning at 7:30 AM, having dreamt my friend Michael giving me advices that it is not CD-R’s problem, but the HPT366 onboard controller’s.
Jbq wakes up and I tell him about the problem. He tries to change the Terminate stuff on the SCSI card. No luck either. I create a boot floppy to boot to BeOS (XP has wiped out the boot manager upon installation) to see if the drive works under BeOS. Nope, the CD-R does not work under BeOS either. So, that means that the CD-R device is just dead (it is already 4.5 years old anyway). So long for my first SCSI and CD-R device in my life…
I will stay with ATAPI and if I will need a CD-RW in the future, I will either get an iMac (which is guaranteed to work), or I will get a combo CD-RW/DVD Atapi drive. I had enough during my time with f*cking around with hardware and incompatibilities and failures and all that computer crap. Just get an iMac or an eMachines or a Dell. And if it breaks, get an other one. Jesus… It just doesn’t worth the trouble. Not even for me, which I run OSNews, and I got to be running a gazillion OSes each time for testing/article purposes.

A night Out and a server crash

We had a nice night out with Jbq yesterday. We met up with some interesting people for dinner, among them were Brad Wardell, the Stardock CEO (of the WindowBlinds fame), and Andrew Orlowski, journalist at We had some nice geek talks and some nice laughs at some industry things too… ;D

This morning our stupid FreeBSD 4.5-RELEASE gateway server went berzerk and it hanged (so much for the “freebsd is rock solid” and its legendary uptimes). I could not even telnet to the box. I hard reset the machine, but still no connection after rebooting. Jbq came from work and he found that (probably) when I moved the server box to plug a keyboard and a monitor to it, the hub lost its connection to the ethernet cable. So, while after the rebooting it was not FreeBSD’s fault for not connecting properly, the first crash (before rebooting) was really FreeBSD’s fault.

Jbq is such a sweet baby. He bought for me a brand new IBM-120GXP 80 GB hard drive. All 80 GB will go for Windows XP Pro that I will be installing this weekend. My other two hard drives (10 GB Fujitu and 30 GB IBM 75GXP) will be serving alternative OSes.
Jbq will also give me his old CD-R, which is SCSI, so I will have to install a PCI SCSI card too.

Another day…

Jbq just left for work. He left pretty late, as we slept almost until 10 AM this morning. Last night we watched “Se7en” and had some paelia for dinner. Before that we went shopping, bought lots of books (I found “On a Beam of Light”, which is the second part of the K-PAX book that turned into a movie) and Linkin Park’s album, among other things.

FreeBSD headaches and night out

Today Jean-Baptiste tried to configure FreeBSD 4.5 as our firewall and gateway to our home network. None of us has done anything similar in the past, and the FreeBSD handbook was not exactly helpful for a step by step tutorial. Jbq even quit the effort at some point, pretty pissed of the whole unix admin difficulties, but he managed to make it work after the second FreeBSD re-installation and after we switched our hub to another one… We now have a basic firewall, NATd running and I got my own PC connected after September 11th, which was the last time I used my own PC (all these months both Jbq and myself were using a single PC).

Tonight we went out with some ex-Be, Beatware and VA Linux people. We went for a pizza and we had some good time…

DOJ letters

The email I wrote to DOJ, has been categorized under the “Comments that express a view of the RPFJ and offer some analysis” category. Check the categories that exist. I got in a pretty good category for an email I wrote in 3 minutes… 😀


Gui-Olympics asked me for an interview. It is now online.

In other news, I spend my day watching 300 kbps videos on I like “Linkin Park”, probably I will buy the album tomorrow.

I did a test for our AT&T’s cable modem bandwidth. I did the test 3-4 times, it was always between 227 and 256 KB/sec!! Bloody fast if you ask me… 🙂

Beautiful Day Today

Outside is gorgeous. I will take a walk in the shore later today. The sea is… 25 metres away from our apartment, I have no excuse not to do some walking today. There are lots of ducks there…
Diet goes ok, I suppose. I mean, I feel that I do a more balanced diet now, as opposing of losing weight right here, right now. I hope it continues well.
I am thinking of going to Greece for 2-3 weeks in May. I need to search for plane tickets.

Cable Modem

Yeah baby! 🙂
We now have a cable modem from AT&T and it is oh, so fast! Especially in the morning where I don’t share it with almost anyone in this residential area, I got up to 250 KB/sec! Too bad they do not allow hosting a web server though…
In other news, my diet goes well. I feel a bit weak, but it is not too bad.
Today, I downloaded VirtualPC from Connectix and spent hours with it installing BeOS and OpenSTEP. None of the two worked. Darn it…