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How Twilight should have been done

I’m not a Twilight hater. I love the first movie/book, but I dislike how the story progressed. It became unnecessarily convoluted.

The story needed to be only 3 films/books long and had a more traditional story structure with real stakes, and not that laughable things that happened at the end with weddings, and children that reach maturity at the age of 7. I mean, come on.

Instead, the end of the first film/movie should have been Edward and Cullens leaving Bella in order to protect her, seeing Victoria telling the Volturi, and Bella going to the prom by herself all alone (or with Jacob after her dad arranges that with the school). No Arizona trip either, the James attack could just as easily happen at Forks.

On the second film we see her relationship with the werewolves, and their fight against the Volturi sent force of 4-5 vampires, with Edward coming back after he’s hearing about it. On the third film, there is the final battle against the Volturi with the help of the werewolves, Jacob DIES in the battle, and Bella has to be turned to survive. She lives happily ever after with Edward, but with the occasional sad thought about Jacob. The end.

Instead, we got a super convoluted story about imprints, weddings, children, abortion politics, and other such stupid off topic themes that are not central to the love triangle of Jacob-Bella-Edward.

An even more more interesting approach would be to give us 6 books overall, 6 months apart. 1 from the PoV of Bella, and one from Edward (as she did with the recent Midnight Sun book), but for all 3 books. Then, the films would be filmed as such too: one film release in May during blockbuster season, and the Edward version for Christmas release. The films would be shot together and then split during editing. Especially for the second film, it would be very interesting to see Edward’s story away from Forks, where 75% of the story would be different than that of the Bella 2nd film/book! This would have been a great innovation IMHO and provide a richer universe building.

Later on, she could release 1 book, encompassing the whole story, from the point of view of Jacob. Maybe a film too, if it was deemed a good idea.

I think that would be the best way to do this series.

To appease the boys and the haters, the vampires could have fangs when they would drink blood only (they would retract otherwise), and when in the sun, we should be seeing their corpse or demonic face, not sparkling diamonds. Having Bella seeing Edward like this, it would have a real conflict to actually making a decision that she STILL likes him, rather than having a teenage love situation kind of falling onto her without being able to fight it off. If Edward looked like a corpse or a demon under the sun, there would be some decision time for her, raising the stakes in the series, and making the Jacob option more likable and realistic.

I have no trouble with Edward stalking her btw. If we take his PoV, where he’s being alone for a century, then stalking someone he suddenly falls in love with, is only natural (creepy, but natural behavior).

In conclusion, great first film/book 9/10. It went downhill from there on. It could have been a bigger classic than it is in both literature and film mediums. And they should have never fired the first woman director, because she really captured Bella’s romance perfectly. Both the books and the subsequent male directors made a mess out of it.