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My weekly Pegan regiment

No1 point for health is sunshine, not food. You can eat all the shit in the world, but if you get a lot of UV, you can still be healthy as a horse, up to a certain age. For those of us who don’t, we need to be more selective. Here’s a rundown of my Pegan diet: a diet resembling a lot of both raw vegan but also a Paleo version with emphasis on some wild fish, rather than land meat.

– Regarding fats: it’s a medium to low fat diet. You can’t have it both ways (both high fat and high carb) without compromising health. I chose moderate-to-high carbs over moderate-to-low fat.
– If you live near the equator, get more vegan. If you live close to the Arctic, eat more fats, fish and less carbs. For us in the middle geographically, ratios are somewhere in the middle too.
– Beans and nuts/seeds are soaked before consumed. Brown rice is sprouted, otherwise white rice is used (once a week). Dairy must be fermented and preferably raw. Beans are eaten twice a week.
– Every breakfast is a smoothie of fruits, greens, kefir, and super-food powders.
– Every lunch (except Sunday’s) is a raw salad with a raw dressing. Monday’s salad also includes a boiled, pastured egg.
– Dinners are mentioned below. Dinners also include some salad, cheese, fruit, and additional veggies (depending on the recipe).
– There’s wild, low-mercury seafood 3 times a week, and pastured bone broth in soups, occasionally. Offal once a month, if labs show inadequacy in B12.
– Vitamins (unfortunately, our soils are depleted, so some supplementation is required). To be taken with a fatty meal: K2-Mk4 once a week, CoQ10 Ubiquinol twice a week, Magnesium thrice a week before sleep, Methyl-based B-complex once a week, D3 5000 IU twice a week in winter time only. DHA too, if not enough fatty fish is consumed.
– 75% of the whole diet is raw. Over 90% of it is vegan.

MONDAY (dinner)
beans (mostly lentils)

TUESDAY (dinner)
wild fish (mostly sardines) + veggies

WEDNESDAY (dinner)
Baked white potatoes + cheese + 2 boiled eggs

THURSDAY (dinner)
beans (any kind)

FRIDAY (dinner)
shellfish (mostly canned oysters) + sweet potatoes + veggies

veggies + 2 eggs (lunch)
rice + Indian veggie curry (dinner)

Fish: Alaskan wild salmon + veggies (lunch)
white potatoes + veggies (dinner)