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Paleo foods missing from the Greek market

I wasn’t able to find the following products when I was in Greece earlier this year. It will be a challenge going back there to live without being able to purchase them, since I need them for my health.

– Sea vegetables (mixed varieties)
– Wild salmon (it’s all farmed, no matter where you look)
– Other Pacific or Atlantic wild fish (you can either find small Mediterranean wild fish directly from fishermen, or farmed)
– Gluten-free “tamari” soy sauce (only glutenous soy sauce is available)
– Coconut oil (very expensive in Europe, completely missing in Greece)
– Kefir grains (difficult to locate them, few have them or share them)
– Antibiotic/hormone-free red meat (by law, every animal gets inoculated)
– Duck or other game meat (unless you go hunting yourself)
– Raw or at least unsweetened cocoa
– Northern European veggies (turnips, parsnips, kohlrabi, kale, rutabaga, endives etc)
– Exotic fruits (except bananas or pineapple, you’re mostly out of luck)
– Mushrooms (only 2 common kinds are sold)
– Berries (only strawberries are easy to find in the market)
– Oysters (I can find mussels, but not oysters, not even canned!)
– Some ready-made products, e.g. almond butter, oriental spices etc.
– Specific vitamins & supplements (e.g. Ubiquinol)

What Greece has while the US doesn’t have as easily:
– Greek Mountain Tea (most healthy herbal tea)
– Lots of offal options
– Lots of wild, green veggies (about 6-7 kinds)
– Lots of garden-grown veggies & fruits offered by neighbors
– Real olive oil
– Wild sardines and other small fish (when bought directly from fishermen)
– Real goat/sheep yogurt
– Real eggs (especially my aunt’s, nobody has ever topped her quality, not even her neighbors)
– No GMO crap (at least this is what we’re told)

Overall, Greece fairs well if you’re careful of what you’re eating, and you can certainly follow Paleo successfully. However, I personally want to be eating things that don’t exist in Greece. I hope that by the time I move back for good, these products exist there too.