You get back what you put out

It’s funny seeing Redditors speaking of revolution in the comments of various political posts, in order to remove the oligarchy and increasing police/surveillance-state totalitarianism around the globe. However not one lifts their finger off their Minecraft distraction. They’re the worst of the sheep bunch: enlightened to the situation, but unable to overcome the system, because of their own personal limitations. They have reduced themselves into whining, or at best, to occasionally donating money to various activist causes (just as long they don’t have to do any heavy lifting).

My opinion is that a “revolution” is a waste of time. The root of the problem is not the evil oligarchy. It’s not even the monetary system, capitalism, banks, the Illuminati and what have you. These are just symptoms of the root cause.

The problem is the people themselves. They allowed to be sucked in into “wanting”, instead of searching for their true needs. They want a car, they want nice clothes, they want a nice, big house they can’t afford, they want this, they want that. They want everything, just like the people who control them from above. They’re mini-mes. They accept ridiculous jobs to achieve all this: lawyers, bankers, CEOs, or lower, donkey jobs for these types of people.

Not to mention the lowest of the lowest job, being a soldier. I have very litle compassion for soldiers who got themselves into killing others and following orders blindly. It’s better to sit your ass down and ask for food in the streets than become an active soldier. Same goes for police officers who are in the game for the control they can exercise when they’re given the opportunity, and not for the protection of their fellow citizens.

Starting revolutions is futile. Look at Egypt: they overthrow one government, only to overthrow the new one again a few months later. This is because it’s the people who can’t find balance in their life. The various government leaders are just a mirror of their people (including non-elected ones, as in the North Korea dire situation).

As a Greek, I’ve been telling my Greek friends the same thing about their situation, but they only resist that idea. It’s always someone else’s fault, isn’t it? It’s so much easier this way. So much more convenient. Let’s create a lie and a bubble around ourselves, just so we appear immaculate, while “the government” gets all the blame.

To change the world, you have to first change yourself.

If the majority was to decide to leave the cities, find a small community in the country and work the land in a sustainable & clean manner, that would be progress (aka permaculture). Don’t buy almost ANYTHING that corporations create. Grow your own organic food, wear second-hand clothes, use second-hand tools, recycle as much as possible, create your own, local, small-scale companies run by the people, stop watching false entertainment. Do business only with business of that type elsewhere. Don’t send your children to become police officers, military, or otherwise a control organ. If 50% of the people were able to do these things, then within 4-5 years there wouldn’t be any government, oligarchy, or corporations. And yet, there would still be a sustainable life, and order, without the need for these forces.

If you aren’t prepared to sacrifice your city life and its luxuries, a city life that entails a consumerist, slave life, built on top of the sweat and tears of other slave workers from the East, then you don’t deserve a better government. You get back, what you put out.

If all you want is “want, want, want”, then you have to give in order to get. And in this case, it’s not money they want, but your obedience and control. The Federal Reserve can print/create out of thin air as much money as it wants, do you think that the oligarchy wants your tax and shopping dollars? It was never about money, it was always about Power. Power, to feed their ego.

The only way to stop feeding their ego, is to lose your own ego. Then, their ego will have no egos left to fight, or control. Their house of cards will fall naturally, without any marching revolution, or much fanfare. It would be seen as a natural evolution of both our societal system, and our collective consciousness.

Now, some people would argue that this Gandhi system would never work, or that the hippie system failed in the ’60s. This plan would only fail if it doesn’t get enough momentum for long-enough. Remember: if most people don’t want it, then they’d get what they deserve — it’s up to them! It’s never about “it works” or “it doesn’t work”, it’s about what people DO. How determined they are for true change, and how much compassion they can show to each other.

The hippie system failed because:
1. It had no plan.
2. It had no elders (which is different from “leaders”).
3. It had no cohesion and inter-connection.

Today, the Internet can fix all these problems. There are elders (philosophers, political scientists etc) who can communicate their advice, and the Internet can keep these communities close and cohesively. The plan is to simply partake only to community-oriented business, love and protect the land that feeds you, grow only organic food and pastured animals, use clean energy, live a peaceful life without violence.

If the Amish can do it with even fewer resources and more self-imposed restrictions, why can’t you?

Now, you’re probably thinking: even if this was to work, it could bring my country a century back in terms of technology, since most big corporations would fall. And to this, I reply to you: so what?

When we have crapped all over the place and have nearly destroyed everything around us, it’s beneficial to take a step back. Only when taking a step back we can retrace our steps of what went wrong, and move on with a more solid foundation. Besides, the knowledge won’t be lost. It will be still there, sitting in archives, waiting for us to reclaim it when we’re ready for it again. Additionally, such a new world would be a type of mixed advancements, it won’t be purely pre-industrial — there can still be cars, and a form of internet, for example, because during the course of this change, some old-style corporations will seek to transition to the new style, just so they can survive. Technology won’t go away, it will simply refocus.

But I can sense that this idea scares you even more than having to move to a farm. Don’t be scared. It’s the price to pay for 300 years of constant overindulging in resources, animals, and human lives. Someone has to pay for that, and that’s the human race, since it was the sole perpetrator. Besides, to get sling’ed into the future, you need to stretch back on the catapult for a while. The longer you stretch back, the further you will eventually reach.

The paradigm must shift with all of us. Fighting the existing paradigm will create a new one just like the one before it, since it’s a Hydra system. The game is rigged. The only way to win the game, is to step out of it.

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Luis Hernandez Peña wrote on July 23rd, 2013 at 11:44 AM PST:

I agree Eugenia with your thoughts mostly.
I think when something is unsustenaible it will change soon or later, even if there is nothing invented yet to replace it.
It is just how it works. Evolution itself works the same way: no animal, plant or living thing was as it is right now when life started. Everything evolves adapting to new circumstances, with no actual path or strategy. If it is well adapted, it will survive, if not it will disapear.
Change is a natures law. Adapting ourselfs to it, is the only way to survive.

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