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Meditation and Psychedelics as a way to reach Nirvana

My journey into learning more about how to reach the Global Consciousness that some people call “God”, and eventually unite with it after death, continues. I’ve been reading a lot, during both night and day. I’ve learned a lot. And I continue to question a lot. Dogma is not something that I easily succumb to. I guess you can call me a non-religious theist.

So in my search, it seems that the white light of the Infinite Oneness that some psychedelic users report during their ego-death (a small fraction of them do usually), is the same “entity” of the God/Self as the one that the Yogis, Buddhists, and mystics of any religion report. While the details around the whole thing called “Reality” might have variations (e.g. how many realms exist, names of various angels/”Gods” etc), they all agree on what really matters: what God really is. And it’s definitely not an old guy with a beard sitting in the clouds judging our every move (we do that ourselves). God is Unconditional Love. Nothing more, or less.

So in my search on how to reach Enlightenment, I came across all these very interesting reports of DMT users, who have had a glimpse of true Enlightenment. From what I’ve read, I’d say that everyone’s life was transformed after that feeling of pure Love they experienced. Atheists became religious, and all they wanted to do is help others, share the DMT spice with others in order for them to experience, and live the gift called “life” in its fullest, and in the process, transform the world around them. So far, so good.

“DiMiTri and Spirit”, collage by me

But for many of these people, that is only “temporary” Enlightenment. After a few weeks or months, they fall back into their old ego-self. While better than before as individuals, they’re not as connected with the Source anymore. Some, might even start abusing the spice, in order to reach again this feeling of pure love. But to no avail, since DMT is extremely unpredictable and can land you to realms that you would never want to be in. DMT is essentially a hack of the universal system that binds all. You override your brain’s capacity to filter out information. But you have no control over it. It’s a crapshoot. So, you connect to its network, and then you’re hitting “I’m feeling lucky…”.

So I looked for alternatives to reach Nirvana (and stay there). The other alternative is following the life of a Yogi/Yogini. Becoming a monk, and meditating all day. And btw, Eastern-philosophy monks on LSD have verified that the psychedelic realms is what they also see when they deep-meditate (“so, what is new?”, one remarked). I’ve read various Yogi interviews/lectures/Q&As, and they all agree that the way to become one with God is to meditate. Meditate, until you self-realize that you’re God yourself. For most of these Yogis, to achieve that state, they had to meditate for ~40 years straight, and during their last phase, they had to meditate 20 hours a day, straight. Meditation could merge one’s Higher Self with the Source, and if the connection is strong, it supposedly can stay there after death for good.

Well, I have a problem with that idea. To me, it contradicts the whole idea of why we exist in the first place. We exist in order to experience, create, love. In fact, this is why the Universe started to begin with (according to all these philosophies, and psychedelic users’ realization). Our Universe and the various realms are simply a fun project of the Oneness, in order to achieve Awareness. To LIVE, through US. We’re droplets in an ocean, living under the illusion of separateness. So “God” gave itself a small push (Big Bang), and let evolution take its course.

So Yogis/monks tell me that in order to achieve Oneness with God, and stop the re-incarnation process, I have to start meditating 20 hours a day. But, that would mean that at best, only about 10000 people among the few billions that have ever walked the Earth have achieved permanent Enlightenment. If that.

And that thought is just ludicrous.

Think of it this way: what a Yogi meditates to achieve, is to become that what forms God: no ego, pure formless light. So the Yogi, takes God’s FORM and ATTRIBUTES. But does a Yogi become Unconditional Love? For that is the ESSENCE of God. This is the difference of becoming Gandhi’s Madame Tussaud’s wax statue, as opposed to actually becoming Gandhi.

Most Yogis will tell you that yes, they experience Unconditional Love through Enlightenment.

Really now?

So why did they just spent 40 years of their life living a parasitic life, often depending on the donations of the faithful? Wouldn’t it be better to meditate a few hours a week only, get a job, donate all the extra salary to the poor every month, and spend the rest of the free day physically helping their neighbors? Wouldn’t THAT be a true life of service? Wouldn’t THAT be Unconditional Love to your fellow man? Wouldn’t THAT be true EGO DEATH?

And if meditation is the “only” way to achieve Self-Realization as the Yogi claim, wouldn’t giving that up for the service of your community, would be the ultimate sacrifice? The sacrifice of your own soul’s salvation? And wouldn’t exactly THAT save you? Because THAT would be the Ultimate Expression of Unconditional Love?

“The Last Barrier (Godhead)”, collage by me

Instead, we have monks and Yogis spending countless hours doing NOTHING. Sure, they explore the various realms inside their mind, in hopes of one day reaching God. But they do NOTHING for what they were born alive to do: LIVE, CREATE, EXPERIENCE this realm. Instead, they seem to me as saying: “Oh, you need me to help you? Please give me 40 years to reach Enlightenment, and then I will“. What a load of selfish bull.

And don’t even let me touch on the subject of animals (which are also God), that simply can’t meditate (although they do perceive the Global Consciousness better than us humans — dogs & cats are known to be telepathic with their masters). Does that mean that animals (and microbes, and inanimate matter) can never reach the God within them? Wouldn’t that be a shame? And totally UNFAIR? Where is that touted Unconditional Love then?

So, I have a problem with this train of thought, of giving your life to the monastic practice (or to be permanently stoned, for that matter) in order to achieve something that you were self-removed from in the first place (and you never truly left in the first place). Becoming a yogi is an acceptable life path, since it’s an experience in itself. But it’s not the path to Nirvana. If God wanted us to spend a lifetime of trying to reach him, he would have given us an elevator. Or, 90% of the population would be monks, since it would be part of our cosmic programming. In reality, WE chose life, and to live this lie of separateness, in order to achieve awareness.

Old Zen saying: “Before Enlightenment: chop wood, carry water. After Enlightenment: chop wood, carry water.”

My theory is that after death, EVERYONE is achieving Nirvana/Salvation (good or bad person), but they still decide to come back to life in some form, because when alive, they become aware (which is the whole point). Any other explanation makes no sense to me, because preventing parts of Itself from becoming One again, is simply NOT Unconditional Love. Besides, we are already Divine, since we’re already God. Not to mention that “heaven” by definition can’t have conditions of entry; it’s open for all, or it’s not Heaven. Restriction is never an option because that would mean rejection, not unconditional love. So, especially people believe in Abrahamic religions, they need to stop victimize themselves. I would want nothing to do with a God who rejects itself like some kind of an EMO kid that self-harms. There are better ways to self-realize that it’s alive: LIFE itself.

Heck, if God wanted us to know that he even exists as One, he would have made it crystal clear, rather than creating this illusionary charade of a weekend project, called the physical Universe, which is a shadow of its true reality.

So, in my view, Manifested life (being aware) is death (separateness from the One), and death (becoming One) is unmanifested life (non-awareness of one’s self).

What God (us) wants, it seems to me, is to play the game: Live. Experience. Create. Love. And all the other good stuff, that everyone intrinsically know as good. In fact, many DMT users have received the Word directly: HAVE FUN. There are no mystical soul levels you have to achieve: all realms of Creation are equal in their divinity, since they’re all God — they simply operate with different laws of physics that might look like magic to us (so, no worship of angels/”gods”, please). And there is no judgement (except the one you apply yourself, during your life, and shortly after death). The meaning of life, is life. YOU chose to live. So just make the best out of it.

All is One, and One is All

I don’t know if anyone still reads my blog, I haven’t updated for a while. But if you’re one of my older readers, you probably remember my atheism posts. For over 10 years now, I was an atheist. For the last 4-5 years, I was one of these Reddit-style atheists too, getting easily upset with organized religion and its followers.

I’m no longer an atheist (at least, not with the common definition of the word).

And no, I’m not religious either (again, with the common definition of the word). I still despise organized religion as much as I always have. And neither I’m an agnostic.

I simply feel enlightened. I guess, if you had to categorize me, you’d probably call me “spiritual”, but even that word doesn’t truly capture my state of thought.

I usually philosophize a lot during the day, and it was for a long time now that I had decided that the meaning of life is simply to “experience”. Nothing more or less than that, but experience with the full definition of the word (meaning, both good and bad experiences — every possible combination).

But it wasn’t until recently that was I able to put this realization in context.

Demeter and Persephone admire each other’s mushrooms at Eleusinian Mysteries

I realized that there has only being a single religion in the planet: mysticism. If you take the explanation of “what is” from all major mystical religions (from Kabbalah, to Theosophy, to Buddhism, to Shamanism, to Eleusinian Mysteries etc), these mystical religions have all claimed that “God” is YOU.

“God” is all there is (if you want to call this “God”). Everything around us, is God, and it’s alive! From human beings, to plants, to rocks, to planets, to galaxies. All matter and anti-matter in this Universe and other Universes, is part of God.

All is One, and One is All there is. It’s infinite in all directions.

We are droplets of God’s existence. We are grains in the sand. But as insignificant as a grain of sand is, the more powerful it is when it realizes that it’s made of Love. This knowledge is Freedom!

Why do we exist? To experience. You see, “all there is”, is lonely. Every possible combination, must be experienced, in several planes of existence, each with its own rules. We experience on its behalf. There is no “Good” and “Evil”. There just IS.

God is made of unconditional love and we can tap-in to it when we let go of our ego. Our separateness is artificial, but it’s also needed, in order to function in this physical plane of existence. The problem is that we have emphasized in our separateness (individualism), and that separateness is all more pronounced today than it was 100 or 10,000 years ago. We lost our way.

“Net of Being” (aka “GodSelf”), artwork by Alex Grey

Organized religions (“pop religions” as I call them) have existed only for one reason alone: control of their subjects. The Truth (and all the possible combinations of Truth that you might discover yourself) doesn’t need priests, for you are your own God. If you can’t realize your true Nature and you need others to sell you dogma, you’re ending up more separate and more enslaved than you could ever be. No, don’t take this blog post as dogma either, learn the truth yourself.

As to how to realize the Truth by yourself, there are various methods. Buddhism has some cool tricks, e.g. meditation, fasting, African tribes have drumming and dance, Amazonian tribes have Ayahuasca. The fastest way to witness enlightenment in the West is via illegally-obtained tryptamines (particularly DMT, although mushrooms, mescalin, LSD have their uses too). That’s right, these substances that our confused legal system calls “dangerous drugs”. They’re dangerous only to the System, for they can show you how SILLY and ARTIFICIAL culture, political systems, truly are. I’ve never felt more prosecuted in my life for not being allowed to experience my own consciousness.

But make no mistake. Tryptamines will only show you how things really are. What you do from then on, and how you change your life to line up yourself with Harmony, is the difficult part. “Knowing” is only the beginning. It barely gets you to a baseline.

UPDATE: Just found these two videos online, completely randomly. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. It’s just that the guy on these two videos can definitely say it better than I ever could express myself.