Regarding food staples

The main reason why we’re so sick today in my opinion is because of “food staples”. I don’t believe in food staples, no matter what the staple is. It could be wheat, rice, corn, taro, whatever. The point is, when a large percentage of your food comes from the exact same food, you got a nutritional problem. It’s not possible to get all the nutrition necessary from the exact same food.

If you’re not willing to cut down wheat completely, at least have 2-3 slices of bread per week (preferably fermented sourdough), and that should be all the wheat that you need. You see, if you’re eating bread today, pasta tomorrow, and pizza the day after that, then all you have eaten is wheat. And given how wheat disables the body from absorbing nutrients from the rest of the foods you eat, you can end up malnourished (like in my case, even if I was as fat as a cow). In fact, researchers say that the problem with wheat sensitivity (that 2/3s of all people have, even if they don’t know it — and the rest will get it onset anyway) is because of too much wheat, not necessarily because wheat is evil. It has an accumulative effect in the immune system, just like GMOs and pesticides.

Having said that about grains and tubers, the same can be said about protein and fats. Humans need a variety of good fats (saturated or not), and a variety of protein. If all you eat is beef steak (as many Paleo people do), then you’ve done nothing to progress your health. You need to eat offal from various animals, different kinds of fish, different kinds of shellfish, and as importantly, different kinds of game (e.g. deer, pheasant, ostrich, peacock, duck, goose, antelope, bison, horse, etc etc etc). Yes, it’s almost impossible to get good game anymore, but variety on meat is as important as variety on plants. If all meat and fish and shellfish were the same, then they would all TASTE the same. But they don’t taste the same, because they’re comprised from different nutrients and elements.

Food staples be gone. But that can only happen if both the market demands it, and if we reduce our human population significantly, because the Earth can’t feed 7 billion people in this manner.

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LuisHP wrote on November 1st, 2012 at 9:40 PM PST:

I think this is the real key on nutrition. And obviously we, as human beings can not feed ourselves in a shrinking and degraded planet while the number of us is growing continuosly.
As Isaac Asimov said many times, we can’t stay growing in population much more time because that is simply not possible.
The same can be said for economic development. We are in a trap.

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