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A video game dream

I see the weirdest things in my dreams. This morning I saw what could be a great adventure-action-mystery video game.

In my dream, I visited an old Renaissance castle, as a tourist — most of it was in ruins. The castle had a history of a “major event” that archaeologists still were not sure what it was about. When I visited the nearby museum’s basement, where they keep stuff that they don’t always display, I opened the curtains in that room in order to see better. There was a big sword in a rock (like Excalibur), and only when a ray of light touched it, I was able to remove it (when nobody was looking…).

When that happened, I was transported back to the Renaissance period, when the castle was active. I was told that my clothes are weird, and I was presented with a mystery to solve (and fight for). But my time in that time period was fixed (looking at an iPhone to check the time, while I was 400 years into the past). If I didn’t make it in time back to the portal, I would die.

When I would get back to present time, I would try to continue to uncover the mystery by searching for clues (since the “event” had already happened, there were clues in the present day castle and museum that were not available when back in time). Only when a clue was uncovered in the present time, I could then go back to the old time and continue with the investigation, and so on.

Well, that was my dream. I’m pretty sure it would do an interesting adventure game, especially like the ones we had in the ’90s for the PC (remember “I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream”, “Beneath a Steel Sky” or “The Dig”?).