Recipe for home-made toothpaste

I will be transitioning to a home-made toothpaste. Even on the low-carb hard-core Paleo/ketogenic diet, I still grow a bit of tooth plaque within a few months’ time. My goal is to not accumulate ANY plaque on my teeth ever again, to have fully re-mineralize my teeth (already healed ~80%), to have fully heal sensitivity in my front teeth (already healed ~70%), and to fix receding gum lines (healed only about ~10% so far — sorry for the ugly picture). Overall, my teeth are hundreds of times better than they used to be pre-Paleo (I used to have transparent teeth, I was *that* sick from nutrient malabsorption in the last 10 years), but they’re still not fully healed yet in the 9 months I follow the diet. Obviously, more radical steps are required.

I use a fluoride-free & SLS-free toothpaste, but the commercial ones are still not as optimal as they could be. I will be combining the following home-made paste with:
1. The Paleo diet ( + goat/sheep fermented dairy, primarily home-made goat kefir)
2. Some supplementation (primarily D3, Ω-3, Mg, K2 Mk4)
3. Flossing before going to bed
4. Soft-brushing 2-3 times a day (depending on how many times I eat a full meal).
5. Cut-down on snacking between meals as much as possible.

After searching for days on research papers and elsewhere online, I have decided on the following ingredients. Here’s the recipe in short, although I haven’t figured out the exact dosage yet, and obviously I don’t know if they chemically react together in a bad way or not (hopefully not):
– virgin, cold-pressed, unrefined coconut oil (anti-microbial, anti-fungal)
– CoQ10 Ubiquinol (capsule’s liquid, regenerates gums. Make sure it’s not Ubiquinone)
– concentrated Trace Mineral Drops (re-mineralization)
– calcium carbonate powder (abrasive agent)
– oregano oil (diluted, anti-microbial)
– aluminum-free baking soda (whitening, cleaning)
– vodka or ouzo (anti-microbial, taste – γεια μας!)
– sea salt (minerals, optional)
– peppermint oil (for its taste, optional)

Calcium carbonate should not be used every day, and baking soda should be used only a few times a month after you have reached the white color you desire.

While most of these ingredients are found in various home-made toothpaste recipes online, they are not all usually found in a single recipe. And the one ingredient largely missing from these “traditional” home-made toothpastes is Q10-ubiquinol. Anecdotal reports claim that the specific Ubiquinol form of Q10 can work magic on your gums & teeth (and wrinkles) when applied directly on them, and not just when ingested (I personally eat a lot of offal that contains Q10). Crack addicts have been using the trick for a few years now, to regenerate their gums and teeth!

I don’t have any cavities left, but I believe that with this whole protocol even small cavities can be fixed (big ones still require a dentist). I will be reporting again with my progress and findings about all this in 6 months time.

In other news, we had a great sashimi lunch with JBQ, in our balcony: 6 kinds of raw fish, and salmon eggs. I didn’t used to eat fish eggs, but now I’ll have to, in order to get enough vitamin K2 in the Mk-4 form (menaquinone-4). Apparently, chicken eggs don’t have as much Mk4 as goose, duck and fish eggs do. Grass-fed butter contains Mk4, but according to tests done to such commercial butters, depending on the batch and season, you get very different results about how much Mk4 they actually contain!

Mk4 specifically drives calcium to bones, hair, nails and teeth, instead of having that calcium calcifying our arteries. The Western diet is highly deficient of Mk4, while it’s abundant in hunter-gatherer societies. In fact, pregnant women there are fed preferentially foods containing MK4, as it’s the only K form that can reach the placenta and help the fetus grow a skeleton. Enough daily sun (D3), Mg, and Mk4 are the main reasons why hunter-gatherers don’t need dentists, they have larger and stronger teeth than we do, and they’re perfectly pearly-white, and in the correct shape.

And where do these “uncivilized” societies find the bulk of their K2 Mk4? Yes, there’s some in the offal of game, and some in fish roe, but the bulk comes from insects, and possibly also insect eggs & larvae worms. We either go back to eat what we’re evolve at eating, or we will die from diseases of “civilization”.

Well, either that, or we just need a shaman. 😛

Update, Feb 17th 2013: No new cavities, no plaque on this protocol. Works for me! Thanks to an orthododist, I found the reason of my receding gum on the specific tooth, pictured above: It’s not nutrition or bad hygiene to blame (as most of my older dentists claimed), but rather its neighbor tooth which is severely out of alignment, pulling the gum around it (it’s been doing that since I was 7 years old). To fix this, I’ll be putting braces this coming week!


memsom wrote on June 18th, 2012 at 2:14 AM PST:

Do you have any good pointers for fixing receding gum lines in general? I have one tooth where this is an issue, and I’ve just been using a comprehensive tooth paste to combat it. It has worked up to a point, but I think I need more.

This is the admin speaking...
Eugenia wrote on June 18th, 2012 at 12:24 PM PST:

Everything I suggest on the article pretty much, with higher weight on the Q10-ubiquinol. I mean, without Paleo, extra vitamins from offal/sea-veggies/bone-broth/kefir/etc, less sugar, the toothpaste alone can’t help.

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