A review of Madonna’s “MDNA”

MDNA is Madonna’s first album on her new label, so she seems to be playing it safe. She serves us a canned formula that has worked for her in the past. Does it still work though?

Girl Gone Wild: 8/10
The best track on the album, it’s a good dance song. The editing of the official music video is even better though.

Gang Bang: 6/10
A nice semi-atmospheric dance track, but it doesn’t go far-enough. It needed to blossom, but it didn’t.

I’m Addicted: 2/10
Yuck. Boring, unimaginative, uncatchy, goes nowhere.

Turn Up the Radio: 2/10
Reminds me of her late ’80s period. Nothing new here. Playing it safe.

Give Me All Your Luvin’: 3/10
Oh, shut up. This is fucking annoying. What is she? 13 years old?

Some Girls: 6/10
Not a bad song, it’s got a nice melody and atmosphere (atmosphere is the No1 thing I always try to find on music btw). But it’s not really exceptional either. It’s just ok.

Superstar: 1/10
Someone pass Acid Pro. I could write such a song too in a single afternoon.

I Don’t Give A: 2/10
We heard this song a million times before in the last 15 years. The only good part in it is its last minute, where it becomes operatic and grand. It’s one of the best moments in the whole album. Too bad it’s attached to the rest of this song.

I’m a Sinner: 2/10
This track is a mess. It tries to channel her 1998 period, but it ends up being a hot mess. It could have worked back then, but it’s 2012 now.

Love Spent: 2/10
This feels like a song that is sang by Cartman trying to become a pop star (the way South Park would have done it).

Masterpiece: 8/10
A nice ballad, written by different song-writers than in the rest of the album, people who actually know how to write music, it seems.

Falling Free: 4/10
Good ideas (channeling Irish/Celtic music) but it ultimately goes nowhere. This song asks for a buildup that never arrives.

Beautiful Killer: 6/10
A good dance track, mostly salvaged by its strong refrain. It could be realized even better though.

I Fucked Up: 1/10
She seriously fucked it up on this track. Useless bullshit.

B-Day Song: 2/10
Not album quality. It feels like a B-side.

Best Friend: 3/10
Wow, it’s R&B from 1996 all over again. Harmless.

Overall rating: 4.2/10

Madonna needs to push herself to innovate. Religion and sex themes can only get her so far in today’s day and age.


Mirko wrote on March 31st, 2012 at 3:55 AM PST:

Girl Gone Wild: 1/10
too recycled material in it… and also quite pathetic attitude. Video… reductive. It’s a clear sign she is turning her brand into a licensed brand for generic gay club music.

Gang Bang: 2/10 …is she talking to herself?

I’m Addicted: 0/10
Yuck. Boring, unimaginative, uncatchy, goes nowhere.

Turn Up the Radio: 0/10
this clear copy of generic dance music

Give Me All Your Luvin’: 2/10
it wont be that bad…but the attitude does not help

Some Girls: 2/10
greek electro duo Marsheaux anyone? I cannot name the track but this sound a rip off

Superstar: 0/10
go work in a factory…it may help you to deal with egomaniac behavior

I Don’t Give A: 1/10
so we do. Yes Madonna how many times you can write the same song?, random words will be less annoying. Cheap opera goes anywhere.

I’m a Sinner: 0/10
the “I’m a slut! I’m cool kids!! I’m not a ‘old cunt!!” bottom line of the whole album make her so pathetic …and even sound an older cunt

Love Spent: 5/10
if you can avoid to listen to the lyrics which are terrible as much as in the rest of the album, and you concentrate in the recycled “time goes by so slowly” bridges you may pretend this song is just a remix of an old hit.

Masterpiece: 3/10
cheap lyrics, it sounds so a 90’s ballad.One of those Madonna used to sell to others. I suppose this was offered to Gary Barlow during his solo albums period…but he refused…If you was the Monalisa…I can actually imagine him singing it.

Falling Free: 6/10
probably the only decent track in the album. It reveals anyway its nature…melody copied… arrangement from someone that never studied music. I actually listen to it finding most of the notes wrong. If you listen to the unofficial remix that are surfacing on youtube you would see how the remixer are actually trying to correct what’s sound wrong in the arrangement.

Beautiful Killer: 3/10
average…not getting anywhere

I Fucked Up: 0/10
perfect title for such failure

B-Day Song: 2/10
The low quality “independent” MIA sound does’t help this rachitic song.

Best Friend: 2/10
Biographic Madonna’s song are the worst…they reveal how she is, and is not a nice view. Thanks god english is not my mother tongue and I can switch off my language understanding ( or at least I try)

final vote 1.10 …musically nothing new, approximate copy of general sound of what is considerate now to be innovative by a 60 years old CEO of a record company that worked at least 20 years as McDonnalds CEO before getting into the music business.

lyrics are disgraceful, even for a teenager on MDMA (ectasy drug)…they too have better pusher for music.

when your business idea is getting too obviously similar to Walmart and you are loosing the fight with post menopause vaginal dryness you probably produce an album like MDNA

This is the admin speaking...
Eugenia wrote on March 31st, 2012 at 10:30 AM PST:

>Video… reductive.

I want to make it clear here that I was speaking of the video editing, not the video content. The content of the video is simply a copy of her ’90s stuff, but the editing is very, very modern.

Mirko wrote on April 1st, 2012 at 1:42 AM PST:

dunno, at this point they can even avoid to make videos. I had to drop the vision of the video after 20 sec…was terrible. I did not had the chance to see any interesting editing.

video market obviously is not the same of the 80’s and 90’s and there is not much money to spend in promotion…but when you have not even ideas to sped it get ridiculous. Madonna (or her record company) lately invest average budget for 1st video (with poor results anyway) then the following are cheap as they can. They all look like photography backstage. A backdrop, lot of makeup and some stylist putting together design clothes they got for free.

Mirko wrote on April 1st, 2012 at 1:52 AM PST:

anyway it’s clear that music and videos are now totally irrelevant to the music business. They keep doing them as excuse to make lives where the cash is. And even live shows are getting more similar to dance music festival than anything else.

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