Archive for December 8th, 2011

A video sample from the Canon SX230 HS

I had promised a small, unmodified, video test-sample from my new camera, the Canon SX230 HS. Right click to download the MOV file and play it on your computer, it’s a 43 MB file. This 36 mbps 1080/24p test-video was shot at -1/3EV exposure-locked, locked focus at center of the frame, and all custom color options are set on minimum values.

Pros: “Flat” colors & sharp detail. Rolling shutter is minimal and not a problem. Manual focus. Slow motion and miniature modes. 720/30p & 1080/24p at respectable bitrates. Exposure compensation & locking. Wind filter for built-in mic. 3″ widescreen.
Cons: No full video manual control. No built-in ND filters (my Zeikos filter add-on doesn’t fit its lens). Lens gets way too dark when zoomed-in. No menu option to turn off lens’ constant re-focus (very annoying), we have to always manually lock focus. We still can’t edit+join clips in-camera.