Maximizing the enjoyment of music

The kind of music I listen to in the last few years is highly visual. For a synesthete like me it’s easy to close my eyes and create images, and whole stories to accompany a musical piece (kind of like a personal music video). But people wouldn’t “get” such music without an accompanied music video, since these melodies are different than standard pop & require extra work from the listener.

Even myself I don’t always “get” immediately some music without visual help. I largely passed through the “Keep Shelly In Athens” band in the last few months, but its video below made me understand it better after watching it for the first time tonight. Within a few minutes I was already a fan, while just cursorily listening to the band’s music in the past didn’t grab me as much. Funnily, I also just found out that the band is actually Greek, and that they play close to my home tomorrow night! How’s that for timing?

Playing back the visuals of a song in my mind, it’s not nearly as powerful as… being in them though. There are two ways to potentially go around this limitation. First one is to hook up in a machine that could take over my visual cortex and let me see & live what *I* want to see. Just as with recreational drugs though, that’s probably a pretty dangerous affair: “fooling” your brain for too long might ending up burning it. The second way is via a Holodeck-style room/device.

Whatever the solution though, today I feel constrained by our technology (and… gravity). Such technology won’t exist for another 100 to 200 years from now, and by that time I would be long gone. But when it does arrive, it would be the ultimate high. Living music. Feeling it, and seeing it all around you. Some kinds of music, is meant for such an experience.


Niegel wrote on November 9th, 2011 at 4:21 AM PST:

But it is actually the famous Soviet movie histogrammed or smth. Not very appropriate for band to use it, IMHO.

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Eugenia wrote on November 9th, 2011 at 11:10 AM PST:

It’s a fan video, not official. But Jamie Harley who puts together these video remixes, is very popular now.

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