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Why Star Wars can be surpassed

My husband and I re-watched Star Wars recently. After thinking about it, I decided that I liked Episode 4 the best, Episode 5 next, while Episode 6 I found it to be the worst of all other Episodes. I’m amazed Ep.6 is so highly rated on IMDb’s scoring, I’m guessing it has something to do with the original trilogy’s fanboys.

The general consensus is that George Lucas lost his filmmaking mojo around the time of Howard the Duck, and that the newer Episodes 1-3 are pretty mediocre at best. I don’t agree with this. In my opinion, George Lucas never had any filmmaking mojo to start with. All his works are mediocre when compared to more serious filmmaking. And yet, Lucas is more famous, richer and more accomplished than his competitors. Why?

Because his strong point is not filmmaking or script writing. It’s mythos. Giving life to a whole new universe. His movies have an extreme detail of the life forms, civilizations, interactions, surroundings, and how life generally looks like in these places. No other movie or franchise, apart from Star Trek, has ever managed to provide so much detail about its universe and make it so believable. That’s his strong point. That’s why Star Wars became what it is: because of its attention to detail. Other than that, the story-building itself is pretty traditional overall, and the dialog extremely cheesy.

Which means that Star Wars is a phenomena that can be surpassed. Of course, many tried and all failed, but if someone with the filmmaking abilities of Chris Nolan, and the imagination of George Lucas were to be born, we would be looking into the next big thing, franchise-wise. But unfortunately for us, if Nolan was that person, he spent all his younger and most-open minded & productive years paying lip service to DC Comics, creating the well-done, but otherwise incredibly formulaic and old-fashioned Batman series. I’d rather had Nolan create his own, next big thing.

Give me a view of how a galaxy and its inhabitants could look like, give me space travel, give me technology, give me action and incredible things — and of course a good story. Lucas got that right. Instead, Nolan gave us a depressed rich guy who plays dress up. God, I hate DC stories (and while Marvel stories are better, their Earth-bound concept is still not as inspiring as Lucas’).