Archive for June 26th, 2011

“Chief of Sun” by Old Arc

This is a music video I shot last year, but I was not able to edit it for so long because I got the equivalent of writer’s block, but for video (long story). Which is such a shame, because the track is wonderful (future of music, right there), and the band is both great guys. Both the video, and the song/EP by Old Arc are available for free download.

We shot the video within two hours time (in a quick trip down to Santa Cruz, the band is from there), using the Canon SX200 IS P&S digicam (flat colors, -1/3 locked exposure). The 720/30p footage was converted with Cineform to 24p (20% slow down), and edited with Sony Vegas Platinum 11. The CartoonR free plugin was used quite some. Here’s a directly-out-of-the-camera screengrab.