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My movie, Part 2 (characters)

I recently talked about the movie I want to make if I had about $50mil (yeah, right?). I gave some information about how the visuals would look like, but I didn’t say anything about the characters and the actors that I could see portraying them (I might write about the actual story in the future).

– Roveen Set – Joseph Gordon-Levitt / Nicholas Hoult
Our main character is a smart young guy, who’s living day to day, not really caring about the bigger picture. Works at a bar, where he both uses and deals drugs.

– Wayren Doz – Adrien Brody / Ian Somerhalder
A environmental and political activist, from a rich family, who renounced his family’s affairs. On the run, and wanted.

– Kylla Var – Emma Stone/ Alia Shawkat
A madam of sorts: a trader and repairer of sexbots. Foul-mouth (Emma does that best). Owns a spaceship that can travel between the 4-planet system.

– Alyan Katoy – Robert Carlyle / Chris Cooper
The Chemist. He’s Roveen’s drug source and the one who saved him (?) from the streets when Roveen was a teen. He’s more than what meets the eye.

– Evhea & Arhea fembots – Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen / Yaya DaCosta & Devon Aoki
Two AI fembots with a real attitude. Wayren falls for one of the two (or is it both?). One of the two fembots will eventually do the ultimately sacrifice to serve her masters.

– Selah – CGI
Wayren Doz’s exotic bird pet, with some basic intelligence, and cyborg implants that make it pretty useful in the story (no, not my equivalent of Jar-Jar ;-)).

– Envirto Lomus – Timothy Olyphant / Guy Pearce / Mark Strong
The main villain, behind the scenes. Very rich, very influential. Or is he actually the good guy?

– Drydon Xarv – William Fichtner / Hank Azaria
The Prime Minister of the main planet. Answers to Lomus. A political marionette.

– Korbin Zeneyf – Don Cheadle / James Morrison
A general who advises and executes orders from both Zeneyf and Lomus.

– Orene Casyh – Kelly Hu / Aaron Johnson (could be either male or female role)
Central Intelligence Assassin.

– Sekiuva – CGI
An alien, on one of the secondary worlds, living off scraps. But with important connections, and impeccable electronics skills.

– Gaighe Jhel – Ethan Hawke / Sam Rockwell / Robert Knepper / Giovanni Ribisi
A slimey computer hacker, who’s generally on the right side, but he won’t lift a finger without a satisfying payment.