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“Terminus”, by Solomon Chase

(Updated below)

This must have been the closest call of any Kickstarter project at that level. From the $15,000 goal, $15,023 were pledged, after $300 were withdrawn in the last hour (almost giving me a heart attack). I’m so glad that the film was eventually funded though.

“Terminus” was shot last month in Atlanta by (the HV20-famed) Solomon Chase. He used the Canon 5D MkII, and the Technicolor CineStyle picture style; which allowed for an amazing look. Just look these amazing screen-grabs below. The Technicolor CineStyle picture style has even replaced my own ExtraFlat style, as it’s… even flatter and with more dynamic range in the shadows. Very cinematic.

The kid actor is the same kid from “The Walking Dead” TV series! Can’t wait for the film to be released.

Update: I backed two more indie projects on Kickstarter, both sci-fi films: “The Falconer” and “The B-Ring“. Payments are really easy, since there’s no need to enter credit card info if you already have an Amazon account.

Update 2: Solomon was very kind to send me info on how he color graded. Here’s the original un-graded version, here are his instructions (1, 2). Solomon wrote:

“I use different processes depending on what I’m going for. The flooded house shot used 3-4 different layers for example. Again though, as with “Rainy Day” cinematography, if you shoot in overcast weather… the dynamic range is going to look A LOT better. People think there is some magic effect I’m using. As you can see, the original shot looks just fine. The blueish, low contrast grade I created is a very specific and intentional effect – I wouldn’t go using it on everything. The 2nd “Multiply” layer is to add density to the blacks… you can adjust to taste (usually between 15%-35% looks good).”

And here is the result of my re-enactment of the look on Vegas. The way I got close to that look, in a simpler way I think: 1, 2.

As you can see in the ungraded version, it’s neither the grading in post, nor the Technicolor Cinestyle that makes the shot look so great. It’s the lighting. The lighting is perfect during the shoot.