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The International Cuisine

I always had a fascination with running a restaurant. I used to work as a kitchen help in Germany when I was 19, and I liked the work. I enjoyed it more than what was later in my life sitting on a chair all day staring at a screen. I’m imagining sometime that if I was to open a restaurant in the US it would be some authentic Greek food (real traditional Greek food, not Americanized-Greek food). If I was to open a restaurant in Greece though, probably that would be about international cuisine: my favorite recipes from around the world. The menu, consisting of 20 items, would possibly look like this:

Main Menu:
USA: Beef cheeseburger with fries and coleslaw.
Mexico: Two chicken enchiladas with Mexican rice and tamalito.
Mexico: Assortment of three fajitas: chicken, beef, pork. Served with Mexican rice, refried beans.
Argentina: Beef Milanesa, with tomatoes and mozzarela. Served with oven or mashed potatoes, and steamed vegetables.
Spain: Paella.
Ireland: Lamb Irish stew.
UK: Fish and chips, with coleslaw.
England: Bangers and mash potatoes with kale, gravy.
France: Cassoulet with assortment of pork meats.
France: Bouillabaisse fish stew.
Italy: Fettuccine alfredo with choice of shellfish or chicken.
Hungary: Goulash.
Russia: Beef Stroganoff with papillion pasta.
Morocco: Chicken with apricots or peaches, and vegetable couscous.
Iran: Lamb kebab with vegetables and yellow rice with Turmeric.
India: Chicken tikka massala with Basmati rice.
Thailand: Spicy green curry fish & vegetables with Thai rice.
China: Sweet & sour pork with Chinese fried rice.
China: Chow mein with vegetables, shrimp, pork, chicken and beef.
Japan: Vegetable & shrimp tempura, chicken teriyaki, with Japanese rice.

A Caribbean recipe might replace one of the above though.

New England, US: Clam chowder soup.
US/UK: Split pea, potatoes and ham soup.
US: Buffalo chicken wings with yogurt sauce.
France: Country pate and green salad.
France: Grilled goat cheese with prosciutto, green salad.
France: Salad Nicoise.
India: Vegetable samosas.

Not really the focus. Possibly just some ice cream.