Best of 2011, so far

Not a great year for music so far. I only really-really-really loved two albums so far, in the first half of 2011.

1. PJ Harvey – Let England Shake (my post about it)

2. Austra – Feel It Break

Unfortunately, the rest are not that close to the first two.

3. Smith Westerns – Dye it Blonde

4. Wye Oak – Civilian

5. Chad VanGaalen – Diaper Island

6. Craft Spells – Idle Labor

7. Dirty Beaches – Badlands

8. Yuck – Yuck

9. The Weeknd – House of Balloons (legally free)

10. Foster the People – Torches

I cared not about Fleet Foxes, or James Blake. Panda Bear’s album “Tomboy” only had a few good songs in it. Can’t wait for Washed Out’s album in July.


zima wrote on June 9th, 2011 at 9:37 AM PST:

Luckily(?), there’s already more existing (as far as I’m concerned; but probably for most sensible tastes) great music out there than could be reasonably listened to in a lifetime. Probably enough to be experienced in several (dozens?) lifetimes. NVM what’s upcoming. Hence… thanks for another fine* preselection channel, few of my favs are already from here (for curiously large part of them, that’s “also from here” – so maybe radio isn’t dead yet; as long as we’re talking about evening & night broadcasts of not-strictly-for-profit operation ;/ )

6. doesn’t seem unofficial? Why it’s collapsed, are you disliking the videoclip so much? πŸ˜‰ (and assuming 10. can be even called like that… in any case it seems worth exposing if only for how it adds to the joyful music, vs. the lyrics πŸ˜‰ )

*Yes, “fine”, sorry ;p – for one, my ranking of the above is probably a bit different, at least based on single songs. And TBH I’m mostly unable to sensibly rank music like that / I could tell something after a year of stats.

PS. 5. could be almost / also / largely a nice parody of “cargo cult scifi”, BTW… (recently I concluded that this term nicely sums up the “fluff scifi”; too bad recent thread about it has expired)

This is the admin speaking...
Eugenia wrote on June 9th, 2011 at 3:01 PM PST:

>could be reasonably listened to in a lifetime

Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that for me. I find the *tone* of the collective music of each year to be representative of the state of things in that year. For example, chillwave could not have happened in 1995 or 1964 (even if its stylistic origins are in the ’80s), either because of technological limitations, or because the psychology of the people wouldn’t yearn to chill so much in past eras.

When I listen ’80s or ’70s music I feel the collective frame of mind of that era. So there’s still some logic in trying to find “the best of this year”.

>Why it’s collapsed, are you disliking the videoclip so much?

I love the video, but I have already featured it in its own article on this blog. It had a whole blog post all to itself. Did you miss it?

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