Why I don’t like Lady Gaga [anymore]

I liked Lady Gaga’s first album. I really did. I found it to be a very nice pop album. Then, the second album came about, and while there were some good ideas there, her music started to become overly kits and forceful. Her videos became more cheesy than ever.

Now, having heard 2-3 songs from Gaga’s upcoming album, things are even worse than before. The music is even more kits and more forceful. The songs are not different than DJ Bobo’s style of Eurodance from the early ’90s (without the rap part). In fact, if these new songs were to compete with the rest of Eurodance in the ’90s, Gaga would not be nearly as popular back then. I can hum at least 50 better Eurodance songs off the top of my head than any of Gaga’s new songs. This one or this one for example are 100 times more catchy than Gaga’s new songs.

In fact, thinking about it, it’s a real laughing matter how the US, Canada, Australia, and UK have fallen for Gaga’s version of Eurodance, while they completely scoffed off the original genre exactly 20 years ago. It makes the rest of Europe, Brazil and Japan look like musical revolutionaries!

Normally I would not write all this about a pop star, but it is my opinion that Lady Gaga is very talented, and I feel disappointed about her new music. If her first album is any indication, she knows how to write songs that are both danc-y, original, and have a soul. But the direction she has taken, trying to become a Eurodance queen 15 years after the death of the genre, and not achieving it, rubs me the wrong way. She can do better than writing cheap, cheesy, and soul-less music.

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