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Pitchfork, shame on you

As my ancestors ancient Greeks used to say: “a lot of people hated wealth, but no one hated glory”. If money was not the ulterior motive for that review, then power surely was.

Pitchfork used their review for Millionyoung’s new album, “Replicants”, to kill chillwave. The same genre that Pitchfork itself popularized in 2009. This was not a review of Millionyoung’s music, but a death sentence for the whole genre. The only criticism they had for the music was that the singer can’t sing well. But you know, they gave a 7.6/10 on Millionyoung’s first EP, how did they not notice the singer back then? And besides, Diaz sings no better and no worse than your average hipster singer. Singing abilities were never a reason for Pitchfork to give an album just 3.8/10.

Pitchfork, which thrives as a business by calling the shots in the hipster underground music industry, gives thumbs up and down to whole genres now, not just bands. The more influence they have, the more money they make, the more self-important they feel. So much for “underground”. Even that is at the mercy of a corporation.

UPDATE: Reader Mike D asked for a list of my favorite chillwave songs, here they are. Linked downloads are legal, from Pitchfork and StereoGum.

1. Washed Out – “New Theory”
2. Memory Tapes – “Green Knight (Visions of Trees Remix)” (free download)
3. Wild Nothing – “Confirmation” (only this song from his whole repertoir is chillwave)
4. FiveNG – “Skin” (Bandcamp download)
5. Kisses – “Midnight Lover”
6. Washed Out – “Belong”
7. Beat Connection – “In the Water” (free download)
8. Washed Out – “Good Luck”
9. Teen Daze – “For Paulina” (free download)
10. Washed Out – “Feel it all Around”
11 Washed Out – “Hold Out”
12 BlackBird Blackbird – “Happy High”
13. Washed Out – “Lately”
14. Washed Out – “You and I (feat. Caroline Polachek)”
15. Memory Tapes – “Bicycle” (free download)
16. Washed Out – “Luck”
17. Neon Indian – “Deadbeat Summer” (free download)
18. BlackBird Blackbird – “Hawaii”
19. Neon Indian – “Terminally Chill”
20. Millionyoung – “Cynthia”

Runner Up: Brothertiger – “Wind at My Back” (Bandcamp download)

Toro y Moi is overrated IMO. I can’t find any hook in his music.

Update 2: More of this crap!