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Canon dSLRs: 3 things that need fixing

Sure, there are plenty of video features one could ask, like XLRs, bigger screens, RAW codec, full HDMI-out, 4k resolution, etc etc, but in my opinion, it’s these 3 features below that would make the biggest difference of all:

1. Rolling shutter
In my opinion, this is the No1 problem with these cams. There are many times that I see some scenes in TV shows (e.g. Hawaii 5-0), or even short movies, and I suddenly notice some rolling shutter. The first thing I do after that is get my laptop, and search online on what camera was used. Soon enough, I usually find that there was a dSLR involved. By the moment the viewer “recognizes” the camera used because of a certain look in the footage, then there’s a FAIL right there.

2. Continuous autofocus
The most difficult thing to do with these dSLRs is to focus properly while the camera or the subject is moving. It’s just too damn hard, and the camera doesn’t help much with third party focus assists.

3. Better image resizer
It is said that Canon dSLR footage is not true 1080p, but a somewhat smaller resolution which is then upscaled internally to 1080p. Add to this the moire problem too. Both problems exist because of the Digic 4 signal processor not being fast-enough to do resizing using a better algorithm (e.g. Lanczos, bilinear, or bicubic resampling). Here’s hope that the new Digic 5 processor, rumored to be announced in April, will fix that.