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Expect TV to get dumber

According to a new report published at NYTimes, Americans watch on average 5 hours a day of TV, or 34 hours per week — more than ever before. And this statistic doesn’t even include Netflix, which has boomed via streaming in the last year! While everyone is talking about the decline of TV’s popularity compared to the Internet, more and more people are watching it. How is this possible?

Basically, what this means, extrapolating from the kind of shows that are actually popular, is this:
1. Unemployment. Makes people have nothing else to do but watch TV.
2. The baby boomers are now getting retired! This whole generation is now staying at home and watching TV. Why do you think that shows like Hawaii 5-0, a 40 year old favorite of the 20-somethings of its time, came back to TV just now?

So basically old people continue to watch as much, if not more TV, while youngsters are turning mostly into streaming or the Internet. What this means is that more reality shows, dance shows, lose-weight shows, and crappy cop shows will continue to happen en mass on TV for at least another 10 years. It’s sad, really. I personally have no hope for serious, thought provoking, and well-shot/scripted shows in the foreseeable future.