The most-viewed HV music video

If you’re following my blog for a while you probably already know that there are well over 600 official music videos shot so far with the Canon HV20/30/40 line of HDV camcorders. Of course, most of these videos are not very popular, just small indie bands and artists who needed a video on the cheap. But as more and more videographers are moving to dSLRs, and the HV community gets on life support, it’s nice to find out which HV music video actually was the most popular in terms of views. Not the best music video, but simply the most popular.

So it appears that the most popular HV music video is Washed Out’s “Hold Out”. Shot wih a naked HV30, and with its Handy35 35mm adapter. So far it clocks at about 40,000 views overall (vimeo+youtube+Pitchfork). Washed Out, a chillwave do-it-all-by-yourself artist, couldn’t use a better camera to shoot this, a camera that embodiments this do-it-yourself mentality.

To be more precise, an HV-related video with over 50,000 views is this one instead, but the HV30 was used there only in still picture mode and not in video mode, so I think that it’s not fair to place it in the first position. The actual video shots on this video used a Sony Z1 camcorder instead.

UPDATE: Apparently, this HV30 music video has over 300k views overall.

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Glenn wrote on December 22nd, 2010 at 10:16 PM PST:

I’ve got one with 31390 plays on Youtube, 4009 on Vimeo, and 124 on Exposure Room for a total of 35523 plays. Not too far off 🙂

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