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The Best 2010 Bay Area albums

For yet one more year, Brooklyn keeps the reigns as the place with the most innovative new music. Interestingly, they have kept these reigns longer than Seattle did in the early ’90s with grunge. San Francisco has always produced some big names in the industry, but it’s not something that happens frequently, and most of these names are definitely not at the same par as LA or NY. Nevertheless, some true gems do sprung from time to time, but unfortunately except 1-2 of these bands, the rest are relatively unknown. For 2010, these are my favorite Bay Area bands and albums.

Note: For better audio quality on the Youtube videos below, please change quality from 240p to 360p after the video has started playing.

1. Soft MoonThe Soft Moon
Sub-genre: Neo-Goth rock. Sounds like: An umbrella of ’80s goth bands, plus originality.

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