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Google TV file formats

For those who own a Google TV device, here is a report on the media/video file formats it supports, either via USB drive, or UPnP. Tested on my Sony ‘s GoogleTV Blu-Ray player.

The device played 1080p at: h.264 in MP4/MOV/M2TS, mpeg2 in .mpg/.m2t, MP3/XViD in AVI, MJPEG in MOV, MKV with h.264/AAC (didn’t try XViD).

The formats that were not supported are: OGG/OGV, WMV, MJPEG in AVI, 3GP, AMR. Interestingly, there is no support for WebM either.

To stream videos from your Nexus One phone (h.264/AMR in .3GP) to Google TV, you can use the freeware Android UPnP utility Twonky, which automatically re-wraps 3GP to MP4 for better compatibility. Unfortunately, while you will get picture, you won’t get any audio, since Google TV doesn’t support the AMR audio codec. To go around the problem, you will have to use Quicktime Pro on your desktop and re-wrap 3GP to MP4, while also re-encode AMR to AAC with it. h.264 needs no re-encoding.