My Vampire Diaries theory

TV is so bad lately, that I resorted watching teenage dramas, like “The Vampire Diaries“. Thankfully it has a fantasy plot, and the gorgeous Ian Somerhalder, to ease the pain. It’s also pretty well-written.

So, in the show, the main female character looks identical to a ruthless vampire, who somehow doesn’t hurt her. And this is my theory why all this happens. It requires knowledge of the show to understand the theory.

There is a good reason why the vampire Katherine looks like the human Elena. It’s because, through some magic, Katherine had the embryo of the pregnant Isobel turn into something that looks like herself. Maybe Katherine compelled Isobel to comply, or not. Maybe this first encounter was the reason Isobel got vigorously into vampire studies afterward. And why she has been working for Katherine after begging her to become a vampire too (although I expect her to be a “sleeper rebel”, and take revenge from Katherine for what she’s done to her daughter’s embryo, Elena). Obviously, Elena’s father took another route, and started hating all vampires, and actively fighting them.

So Katherine had Elena’s DNA & looks changed, to look just like her. Why?

Because Katherine wants to take over Elena’s body. She wants to be human again. After many centuries of being a blood-thirsty vampire, she just wants to live a real life, have children, grow old, and die. This will be the ultimate twist that the writers have in store: that Katherine is actually much more sensitive about her nature than they let us think. I bet we will be given some heart-breaking speech about how fortunate humans are, about how it’s nice to not be hated, about how great is to feel love again, etc. etc. You know, the usual.

And that’s the reason why Katherine doesn’t harm a single hair from Elena. It’s not in her best interest to injure her future body. However, when this transition happens (and now that Elena is becoming an adult it’d be a good time for Katherine to take over), Elena’s consciousness will die. I expect both of Elena’s parents, or just Isobel, to save the day.

This theory basically makes Elena a “harvested being”. Similar to the ones we see in sci-fi movies, like “The Island”, where clones are created in order for their original people to harvest their organs — should they have a medical emergency. But since “The Vampire Diaries” is more of a fantasy show than sci-fi, then this will work via “magic”.

Another twist the writers can introduce is that Katherine doesn’t want to be a human, but that vampires have a 1000 year expiration date (“nothing is forever”, they can claim). We all know that Katherine is very old, and that is something that’s actually mentioned twice on the show. So she would kill Elena’s consciousness by occupying her body, and then she will try to become a vampire again. That’s why she needs Stefan. After she becomes human again, she needs someone to trust to turn her back to a vampire — as “Katherine” she probably made more enemies than friends.

In fact, Stefan coming back to town when Elena is becoming an adult might not be a coincidence. Maybe he received an anonymous email with the picture/info of Elena: an email sent by Katherine, to hook the two up. So Stefan bit, and went on back to his old town to investigate.


Erik wrote on October 6th, 2010 at 6:03 PM PST:

I took care not to read the whole of this post cause I want to watch the show sometime spoiler-free. 😛 But I do agree a lot of TV is bad.

On the subject of vampire shows have you seen any of True Blood yet?

I’m also hooked on Dexter. Burned through the four seasons in less time than I should have. (thanks for ruining my social life, Netflix!)

Also, if you want a decent superhero-esque show, you should look into Misfits, a UK show. The second seasons starts next month, and it’s quite fantastic I think.

Also, speaking of UK TV, there’s a new modern take on Sherlock Holmes that just got done airing the first three episodes about a month ago. Cannot recommend it highly enough.

This is the admin speaking...
Eugenia wrote on October 6th, 2010 at 6:43 PM PST:

>On the subject of vampire shows have you seen any of True Blood yet?

No, it’s on HBO, which is a premium channel, and I don’t pay for it.

I didn’t like Dexter much personally. It’s a well done show for the most part, but just not my cup of tea.

Minxie wrote on October 7th, 2010 at 9:18 PM PST:

I like this theory!
The other interesting one I’ve heard is that Katherine plans to use Elena as a decoy of sorts to get away from whoever she’s running from (because it’s been suggested so many times that there is someone or something out there Katherine is afraid of, enough that she resorted to faking her death).

I do believe the whole magical DNA altering theory, though. It seems like the writers have been hinting that there is indeed something supernatural about why Elena and Katherine are identical.

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