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More on the Canon SD780 IS

I wrote a few weeks ago about the Canon SD780 IS. How tiny and cheap it is, and how it creates very acceptable images for even professional work.

So, I shot a music video with the Canon SD780 IS, and here’s my experience with it:

– The camera holds less detail than the Canon SX2x0 IS, which is to be expected, as it’s got a worse lens. However, for half the price of the SX2x0, it’s acceptable.

– The encoder is 24mbps, as it is on all other Canon digicams, but it seems to be doing a bit less good than the more expensive models. It’s possible that the SD series use a slower chipset, so its encoder is not running with all the optimizations ON.

– It’s very easy to shoot with the cam, because it’s so small. Fits in jeans pockets.

– Color grading was very easy, when you have shot “flat” with the cam.

– Battery life is a bit less good than in my SX200 IS, but I bought a second battery for just $7 on Amazon.

– Great for music videos, since you can slow down from its 30p to 24p.

Unfortunately, the music video won’t be released, but I got a 30 second excerpt for all of you to see that it’s 100% possible to shoot a very good pro-quality video with this $160 camera. You can download the video on Vimeo, in order to view the video in higher quality on your computer.

Music by FiveNG, titled “Skin“. Music is used with permission, obtained by the artist directly.

If you’re wondering about the composite effects, I had a nice idea one night: I pulled out my Linux laptop, loaded xscreensaver, found some good OpenGL screensavers, and ran them one by one. In the meantime, I put my SX200 IS on a tripod in front of the laptop screen, zoomed-in enough so only the screensaver screen was captured, then pulled the exposure all the way down, and recorded the random effects, in “flat” color settings. Then, I slowed them down from 30p to 24p, and used them in the video.