Archive for August 18th, 2010

Updated video

I re-cut the following video that I shot last year, in order to make it slightly shorter, and to make it a bit more interesting in some specific places that I had since identified as… boring. The reason for this update was so I can submit the video to this year’s Free Culture ShowCase competition by Ubuntu — a competition that I won first place last year.

I really like this video, I feel that it’s one of my most underrated ones. Each time I play that video on our PS3/TV, JBQ tells me “It’s obvious that this video means something to you.” He personally can’t connect with it, but he can somehow notice that this video represents me.

Indeed, the video reminds me of myself when I was a kid, living in the city of Preveza, and being care-free. That was late ’70s/early ’80s (before we moved back to my father’s village because of financial and family problems). When my mother visited me here in the USA last June, she also mentioned how the place in the video (and in real life too) also reminded her of Preveza.

So basically, I’d say that this is possibly one of my few videos — if not the only one — where some of my early life experiences, frame of mind, and feelings can be seen visually. The rest of my videos are pretty impersonal (not phony, but trying a bit too hard), while this one comes straight from my nostalgic heart.