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Live Action Star Wars TV Show Canned

I’ve been very disappointed in the lack of space sci-fi on TV this past decade. It’s like it fell out of fashion. Or something.

So naturally I was expecting the Star Wars live action TV show since 2006, when it was first announced. Originally it was to come out in 2008, then 2009, then 2010, and… now it’s canned.

Apparently, ~2 million dollars per episode is not enough to realize Lucas’ vision. He said he needs 10 times that. I’m not debating that creating an epic TV series requires lots of money. What I can’t understand though is why Lucas can’t see the answer in front of him.

The answer is simple: the fanbase.

If some amazing Star Wars fan films were created for $50 or for $500, then I’m sure that Lucas can do something better with $2mil, by employing the power of the fanbase, for free, or for little compensation. Create “clubs” where fans can sign up and offer their workmanship or resources. For example:

– Use fans to stitch together wardrobes.
– Use fans in simple props construction.
– Use fans’ tracks for moving.
– Use fans’ land for locations.
– Use fans to cook for cast & crew.
– Use fans as extras.
– Use completely unknown, cheaper actors that are good for the role.

I’m pretty sure that the Star Wars fanbase is so huge, that the right people offering their help in batches (e.g. one member working one week, another member is coming next week to replace him etc), can make this work.

If this works for projects like GNU/Linux, or Wikipedia, then why wouldn’t it work for an entertainment project? In fact, exactly because Lucas Films is an indie firm, it makes things much easier in “employing” fans. Not having to have to deal with most strict Hollywood unions & guilds and whatnot, is a huge plus in realizing this project with the power of the community. Plus, they usually shoot outside of USA.

As for the special effects, Lucas can create a smaller company than his ILM, which will charge less. He already has a green screen studio, or if it charges too much too, create a newer one — part of this liter production company that is not directly involved with Lucas Films Ltd (which tends to be very expensive, even if the client is George Lucas himself).

Overall, his vision should be doable with $2mil per episode. Just use the power of the juggernaut you already created George: your fanatics, that would even give their right arm — if it was to be severed with a real lightsaber.