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GREEKS: Stop the Government from selling more WATER to corporations

The fact that “water” is the next “oil” is not well understood by most people. They don’t realize that in the next 40-50 years water will be so expensive, that many will perish for not having access to it — just like they do today in Africa.

In fact, many people think that Africa doesn’t have clean water because “there’s no water there, it doesn’t rain often”. This is a huge mistake. The reason why Africans don’t have potable water is because all their clean water is sold to corporations by their governments (in order to pay national debt). The water is pumped out and sold back to Africans for a stupendously high price. Africans are poor (for similar corporation-theft reasons), and so they simply can’t afford to buy clean water. So they have to just use whatever dirty water they can find near their villages.

This is what is going to happen to Greece in the next 30 years too. I remember when I was a kid that the river Acherontas was full of water, even in Summer. These days, it only has a few streaks of water in it, and very few eels/fish survive. When my mom was a kid she remembers even more water in that river!

Greece has already water shortages during summer, but things are going to get worse. The government has put on sale its water stakes in order to pay for debt (exactly what happened to African countries).

Water shortages happen because of dams which disrupt the flow and flora, over-consumption, bottling & exportation, de-forestation, and because of city asphalt, which drives water to the sea instead of its natural cycle of soil/clouds/soil. This makes the planet a DESERT. In a few years Greece will officially be a desert. But it doesn’t stop there. Because there is no water anymore under the soil, the Earth’s crust cracks. And when that happens, big earthquakes happen. And big sinkholes too, out of nowhere.

We are killing our planet and ourselves. If this continues, one of the first “developed” countries that will die in the upcoming “World Water Wars”, is Greece.

A few months ago there was an uproar in Greece about the prospects of selling Greek islands in order to pay for debt. I can tell you right here that selling a few small Greek islands is MUCH MORE APPROPRIATE than selling even more water to the big water corporations (the biggest ones are Vivendi, Nestle (Κορπή), RWE, Suez, Thames Water, Coca Cola (Άυρα), and Pepsi). In fact, most of the existing water contracts should be canceled, or re-written.

Greeks, visit your local government representatives. Ask them to not sell the Greek water. Do they want to privatize other parts of the system, e.g. Olympic Airways? Part of the health care system? That’s cool, I’m all for capitalism. But don’t do that with the water too. The water should be a human right and a common good. Water bottling companies can continue to exist as long as they play with specific rules and they DO NOT suck dry rivers and lakes. There have to be limits in their commerce.

Everyone must watch the following documentary (in 9 parts). Don’t you dare not watch it.