Daily Twitter Update for 2009-10-08

  • LOST’s Carlton Cuse: “Still thinking about Avatar. Seeing it in Imax 3D — its the moment I realized 2D, 24 FPS filmmaking is soon to be archaic.”
  • It makes me sick. It really reminds me of the South Park episode about Paris Hilton and how to become a better slut.
  • "The Book of Inkscape" arrived in our home, need to write a review about that too. #
  • I wonder why there is no South Park episode about the iPhone and its minions. It would be so fitting… #
  • Europe is a very different place than the US: here #
  • RED just announced their newest vaporware camera accessories. That company is becoming a joke with each passing day. #
  • "Group calls David Letterman's behavior inappropriate in the workplace" says CNN. I disagree, as long as sex was consented between two adults. #
  • The only thing I found inappropriate was Letterman having these affairs while he was still on a relationship with the mother of his child. #
  • Extrapolating his apology to his then-gf-now-wife on air, she didn't know about these affairs, which makes Letterman sleazy at the least. #


xiaNaix wrote on October 8th, 2009 at 4:33 PM PST:

I don’t care what James Cameron says, 3D is not the future of cinema. The technology is still too archaic. Not everyone wants to wear plastic glasses just to watch a movie. Many people complain of headaches afterward. Not to mention that your eyesight has to be good in order for the effect to reach it’s full potential. As an example, I have an Uncle who is nearly blind in one eye. No 3D for him.

What *is* clear is that the movie theater industry is dying. “Home theater” and DVD are eating up cinemas like Godzilla on Tokyo. First “digital” theaters were supposed to be the savior of the industry and now it’s 3D.

I read an interesting article a while back (it may have even been posted here, I can’t recall) about how DVD and home theater have replaced the drive-in experience of the 70’s and 80’s. Hollywood needs to wake up and smell the roses. It’s time to begin looking at alternate distribution methods (PPV, streaming, etc.) if they plan to survive. Not to mention making movies that don’t suck.

Interestingly, the CAPTCHA phrase I have to enter before this post will be submitted reads “rattled theater.” LOL

This is the admin speaking...
Eugenia wrote on October 8th, 2009 at 4:37 PM PST:

Nobody thinks that 3D with glasses is the future. I’ve already talked about it here and here, so I won’t repeat myself.

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