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Daily Twitter Update for 2009-10-04

  • Watched the Wolverine movie: plot moved too quickly (needed an additional 10 minutes), and there were a few too many super-heroes packed in. #
  • Madonna vs Lady GaGa on SNL tonight. Madonna agreeing to do THAT sketch shows what I've always said: GaGa is the Madonna of the 21st Century #
  • The opposition that GaGa gets today, is the same one as Madonna getting in 1985. I was alive and sentient back then folks, I know. #
  • I do think Madonna also believes that GaGa is the only female pop artist who can match her success eventually. Spears, Rihanna, Aguil can't. #
  • We did quite some retail therapy with @jbqueru today. Bought clothes, shoes, iPod accessories. I even got some Greek mountain tea! Yum! #
  • People are reporting that their 7D shuts down after ~18 minutes of 60p recording (overheating). I think I'll wait for the next-gen VdSLRs. #