Exporting to an intermediate codec

A common problem users have is to know how to export to an intermediate format rather than on a delivery codec (read here for the difference between the two types of codecs and when to use one or the other). The following is two tutorials showing you how to do just that with AVI and Quicktime MOV intermediate codecs. The example codecs used are Lagarith for AVI, and Avid’s DNxHD for Quicktime. You export in a similar way for any other AVI or MOV intermediate format (e.g. for Cineform, Huffyuv etc).

First, you need to install these third party intermediate codecs. Download and install Lagarith from here, and Avid DNxHD from here (bottom of the page, the PC version). Then, start Vegas, and closely follow the tutorial links: Lagarith/AVI tutorial, DNxHD/MOV tutorial.

If you are not sure which one of the two tutorials to pick: use AVI if your destination is a PC, and MOV if your destination is a Mac or Quicktime Pro. Use the Huffyuv AVI codec if your destination is Linux.


William Eggington wrote on July 22nd, 2009 at 11:30 PM PST:

I have been struggling to find a codec that captures well with CamStudio screen capture software but still allows me to edit quickly. Lagarith is crashtastic but the CamStudio codec is horrible to edit with. Know of anything?

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Eugenia wrote on July 22nd, 2009 at 11:31 PM PST:

Cineform. Unfortunately, if you need a lossless, or near-lossless, codec that is both fast to encode and fast to edit, there’s only Cineform. And that will cost you money.

The other solution you got is to encode in mpeg2. Also pretty fast to encode, fast to decode too, but it’s pretty lossy (although at higher bitrates not nearly as lossy as delivery-only formats like XViD). Mpeg2 will be fine for uses like screencapture videos that don’t have to be lossless as a pro/artistic video would have to be.

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