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Daily Twitter Update for 2009-07-07

This is the last Twitter daily update on my blog. If you would like to stay in touch with the daily discussions/rants I am having on Twitter, follow me here.

  • My KDEnLive review: Most usable Linux video editor so far! But unstable.
  • @slewis I did tests: Facebook uses 2.2mbps video, 148kbps audio (VBR?). Youtube uses VBR: 2mbps video, 128kbps audio. Difference is small. in reply to slewis #
  • @slewis If you go CAPS one more time on me, you will be history for me. Buy the HF-S100 then, there's no reason to go berserk. in reply to slewis #
  • @slewis Buy an HV30 now, use that until the AVC-Pro cameras are out next year. Strap a wide-angle to make them look bigger to your clients. in reply to slewis #
  • Today, I have a dead subwoofer, a dead office chair, and Firefox 3.5 has connections problems (Firefox 3.0.11 on the same PC doesn't). #
  • @slewis Wait for AVC-Pro cameras next year. in reply to slewis #
  • @slewis You were hungry. 🙂 AVCHD is 24mbps max btw. Only Canon goes max. Sony/Panasonic stop at 17 or 21 mbps. in reply to slewis #
  • @jbqueru Which is why I want to boil them for 1 minute first and then wrap them in bacon. Wrapped scallops would be difficult to cook as is. in reply to jbqueru #
  • @jbqueru had this idea of grilled scallops wrapped in bacon. I think I will try this tonight in our new, fancy grill. #
  • I had funky dream this morning: A woman stole my Nokia E90 making me really angry & then I had a smoochy moment with a popular twitterer! 😮 #
  • Hahaha!
    Nokia is doomed indeed. Talk about terrible usability. #
  • I just received the new @dredg album for a review to be published at @TheOwlMag soon. Thx OWL. #
  • You guys should give away 1-2 free mp3s for more people to learn about you @Biffy_Clyro #
  • @indiequick Check the music of these guys too in reply to indiequick #
  • @indiequick Yeah, check it out in their tweet history. #
  • @indiequick Did you check the free EP linked from OWLMag yesterday on Twitter? in reply to indiequick #
  • Some of you remember "Rainy Day", the most popular HV20/30 video ever. Watch the new work from the same director: #
  • @batteryfire I just watched it, EXCELLENT job, well done! You have my vote! in reply to batteryfire #