Questfest at DVXUser

The current film competition at DVXUser is QuestFest. As always, the most-used consumer camera in the competition was the HV20/30 again. It illustrates how popular the HV cameras are with people directly involved (or want to be involved) in filmmaking. This year there were also some 5D-MII and D90 entries too. I watched their DSLR and HV20/30-shot movies tonight (not the rest though), and here’s my report:

The best HV20/30 movie in the competition is probably the scifi short “Mahlen“. It has good cinematography, story and even special effects, but it also has over-acting and bad editing (a lot of the smoochy dialog needed to be chopped off). It was shot using a Twoneil 35mm adapter.

Then, there’s Solomon Chase’s “Nightlight“. It has beautiful cinematography, pace and story. It has no dialog. It was shot with a Panasonic GH1 DSLR. Solomon is the same guy who did the uber-popular “Rainy Day” HV20 video back in the day. That video that made a lot of people buy the HV cameras back then, it really helped the explosive success of the camera line.

Update: Solomon’s short movie won FIRST place! View it in HD here.

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