Daily Twitter Update for 2009-07-06

  • @slewis Don't ask such questions on twitter when there's google and wikipedia. Twitter is not made for such Q&As. Yes, I know the answer. 😛 in reply to slewis #
  • @thomholwerda He might have found a lady… 🙂 in reply to thomholwerda #
  • @cyndeepaulson "She" is a spammer. Not sure why you follow Budske. It's just a scam to follow their site, like so many others on Twitter. in reply to cyndeepaulson #
  • "Roasting" a corn hen on a covered stockpot, with butter, beer (or white wine), & lemon. My first ex-mother in law taught me this recipe. #
  • Freaking #Songbird. Its iPod addon copies some of the songs TWICE to my iPod Mini. Playback quality is lower than iTunes too (low mixing). #
  • I just bought everything ever was released by the Arcade Fire. #
  • @jbqueru Well then. I guess that makes easier for us to split the music we own when we divorce. in reply to jbqueru #
  • @CocoaGeek I do them all the time, many different kinds. Very nice! in reply to CocoaGeek #
  • Used the grill today again and grilled some cheese & wine sausages, they were really good. I wish we had that grill years ago. #
  • @mr_Pinkeyes For a newcomer, probably the Crash Moderns, or Seabird. in reply to mr_Pinkeyes #
  • @thomholwerda You should have given him a collar btw. For all we know, an old lady might have given him a home thinking he was alone! in reply to thomholwerda #
  • @thomholwerda I wonder if he's not dead or lost, but someone abducted him for experiments. That would be even more awful. I hope he come … in reply to thomholwerda #
  • Episodic scifi, shot without any tech element: http://www.airlockalpha.com/node/6485 This is where TV is going: cheap. #

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