Daily Twitter Update for 2009-07-05

  • @TRMW If he's the real one. in reply to TRMW #
  • @JBQueru says that Bat for Lashes ("bad Enya"), Decemberists, Arcade Fire, and any of these indie folk-rock bands are not his style at all. #
  • Is there space in the market for only one experimental/futuristic band, the Arcade Fire? What about Cloud Cult? The two are equally good. #
  • The new CoreAVC 1.9.5 with CUDA nVidia acceleration can playback 1080p h.264 on my 4+ years old P4 3Ghz without dropping frames! #
  • Hahaha, STUPID #Nokia: http://is.gd/1nwTs They will be breaking compatibility YET one more time! Nokia will die because they never learn. #
  • I hear that the new Star Wars TV series is currently shooting in Australia: http://is.gd/1nwio I talked about it here: http://is.gd/1nwnb #
  • Aldrin and Hawking said it best, we need to unite and colonize other planets: http://is.gd/1nwfn #
  • UK has terrible violence rates: http://is.gd/1nwcA It felt dangerous when I lived there too. Too many drunks. #
  • @CocoaGeek If I could find some prunes… 🙂 in reply to CocoaGeek #
  • Some complain that Naomi Watts looks old in "The International" movie. She's 41 and obviously had no surgical operation. That's PROPS to her #
  • Also bought some milk, sugar, eggs and cherries to bake one more Clafoutis this year! We are having a feast tonight. #
  • Tonight we will grill in our patio some salmon, and some pork in "souvlaki" style, the Greek way of pork grilling. #
  • Came back from sushi, I ordered halibut, but it never arrived. Apparently they run out of it, and forgot to tell us. #
  • @paloaltorealtor He doesn't want to be photographed, I tried. He doesn't feel comfortable without the beard… in reply to paloaltorealtor #
  • @thomholwerda if he's not back by now, he was probably killed by a car, or another animal. That's way too long… Sorry. 🙁 in reply to thomholwerda #

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