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Regarding ringtones

I was just reading the ludicrous news about “ASCAP Wants To Be Paid When Your Phone Rings” at Slashdot. We obviously living in some very restrictive times, and I am more liberal than that I am afraid.

But after the initial shock, I kind of liked the idea of not using popular copyrighted songs as a ringtone. In Greece, a lot of people are using some of this terrible pop-bouzouki music as a ringtone. Not only it’s terrible to hear such music over a small speaker when you happen to be next to one such cellphone ringing (it just sounds like noise), but there’s a “feature” where you can enable that ringtone to be head on the OTHER side of the line, while you’re waiting for someone to pick up the damn phone. Basically, having moved to the US, thousands of miles away, doesn’t spare me of the torture of having to listen to that crap.

In fact, the last time I was in Greece (this past May), my cellphone rang using the default Nokia ringtone (which was properly designed to have the right volume/crispiness/frequency to be easily heard). When my mother heard it, she said, “Oy! What is that? What is that stupid sound? Put a good song in there, something from Elena Paparizou.

ASCAP of the world, do save us from pop song ringtones! Don’t let anyone use them!

Get to know The Rosebuds

My new favorite band, The Rosebuds (a married couple from Raleigh, NC). I bought most of their music last night. If you like what you hear, support the band too!

Legal mp3 downloads from the band, to taste more of their great music:
Life Like (my rating: 5/5)
Leaves Do Fall (5/5)
Get Up Get Out (5/5)
Blue Bird (4.5/5)
Kicks in the Schoolyard (4/5)